Providing a helping hand in times of crisis
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Ensuring food security during summer break
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A helping hand, not a hand out

Did you know one in three North Carolina children live in poverty? It is impossible for one full-time employed, minimum wage worker to support even one child without falling into poverty. A Doorway to Hope is a Christian organization serving working, low income families who are at a crisis point and need a helping hand. ADTH provides necessary resources and links to local services to give temporary, emergency help to return families to a state of self-sufficiency.

Real Life Stories

Sara, a working mother of three, had to decide between paying rent or childcare. Read about Sara and others in our community.

Crisis Ministry

ADTH provides temporary assistance to help our neighbors facing a crisis. We strive to prevent homelessness, one family at a time.

Summer Foods

Hunger does not take a summer break! ADTH provides free, nutritious meals during the summer to impoverished children.


Sometimes hard times fall on good people. We need your help. Can you help us meet the need?